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Äiti toi vesivärit ja kokeilin maalausta ekaa kertaa vuosiin.

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From Turku to Smolenice (Slovakia) and back

This is not really a story, and specially not the full story. These are mostly my notes from the journey, and well, least drawings were created where there would've been most things to draw. Anyway, thanks for everyone involved somehow!

So, me and Maria started our journey from Turku, heading towards Stockholm.

A nigth train From Hamburg to München.

Crossing the border of Austria

So, we arrived in Smolenice, a small town in Slovakia, to find out that our host place was a castle at the mountains.
I'm not hanging here my notes of the conference, only the ones that belong together with a drawing.

At the castle garden

Visiting a paint factory, Chemolak

...and a factory of Peugeot

Another view at the castle garden

They served us a nice dinner and asked us to evaluate eight (8!) different wines... Well, we could make that sacrifice ;)

Here's the castle tower. You could see pretty far from up there.

I was too concentrated on the discussion to draw this situation, thanks for the helping hand Sheridan! :)

To see the final resolution for Copenhagen, click here

And finally it was time to leave the castle. Some of us stayed in Bratislava for a while though.

I decided to ignore invitations to a party in Vienna, and took a night train towards Berlin.


<3 <3 <3

Another night train, Berlin-Malmö. In the morning I wanted to continue the journey straight away...

And finally, to finish the story: